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StartUp365 has established in July 2014 with a modest beginning covering all facets of Skilled & Business Immigration and Foreign education services. We have a team of professionals that are fairly capable in providing reliable services to our valued clients. StartUp365 is currently operating with more than 50 partner universities and colleges across Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Malaysia, Cyprus, China & Turkey etc. While providing the credible services towards purposeful and flawless processing, StartUp365 has produced remarkable results in the realms of consultancy and counselling of ultimate clientele.

Our Mission

To encourage diversity and equal opportunity and allow a free flow of labor, knowledge and ideas across borders to anywhere where merit and expertise is recognized and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age or race.

Our Vision

We see a future world where countries seamlessly integrate a great influx of immigrants because of a global rising shortage of skills and workforce. Our efforts would be to train the best talent and help people in their great journey of immigration to meet success in their chosen objectives.

Our Principles

Times, in pursuing the profession of education consultant shall:

  • Give balanced advice;
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct;
  • Exercise independence of thought and action;
  • Seek to advance the professional standards of education consultancy;
  • Take steps to enhance the quality of its work.

Our Practice

When seeking or accepting professional engagements we shall:

  • Seek or accept only those engagements for which we have suitable knowledge and experience;
  • Ensure that our resources are sufficient to carry out the assignment;
  • Define clearly, and confirm in writing, the terms and conditions of the services, including the scope, nature and period of the service to be provided, the allocation of responsibilities, and the basis for remuneration;
  • Negotiate agreements and charges for professional services in an ethical and proper way.